The Next Generation

Sustainable, High Yield Plantations

for the production of biofuel, energy, food, agricultural, and pharmaceutical products.

Our Plantations

Moringa Oleifera.

One of the most highly nutritious plant sources ever discovered.
Rare for a plant source, Moringa leaves contain all 18 essential amino acids (proteins) properly sequenced and in optimal ratios. Our Moringa plantations produce Moringa leaf (used to produce natural vitamin supplements, as well as high protein animal feed) and Moringa oil (used as an industrial oil as well as in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products).
Our Plantations

Millettia Pinnata.

This nitrogen fixing species has a 10 metre tap-root, making it an excellent carbon sink.
Our proprietary Millettia genetics and super intensive plantation format have demonstrated oil yields of 10,000 litres per hectare at year 3, and up to 23,000 litres per hectare at year 6.
Our Plantations

Elaeis Guineensis (Oil Palm).

We continue to maintain the world’s leading Oil Palm Genetics Seed Bank, developed through a 60 year old selective breeding program.
Together with our Sustainable Oil Palm Plantation Model, we are helping new and established Oil Palm Plantations shift towards a more economical & environmentally friendly future.
Our Plantations

Xanthoceras sorbifolium.

A High Yield Oil Crop that can produce in below freezing climatic conditions for the first time.
Our long term stringent selection and breeding program is presently taking place in Northern Europe, Northern USA & Southern Australian climates.

Burman Bio

is able to achieve higher than average yields and sustainability with many crops through the implementation of a range of strategically developed and executed plantation management systems.

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